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Postbiotics Kid Toothpaste - Orange (60gr)



DENTISTE, one of leaders in premium oral care solution with its products spreading worldwide. Offers premium natural products equipped with many of the world’s most advanced dental technologies backed by solid clinical studies, thus helping people take superior care of their oral hygiene.

What is it?
Dentiste Kids Postbiotic Toothpaste Orange Flavor
for age 1+ years
Enriched with Postbiotics, Aloe Vera, Fennel, Myrrh Extract, Ascorbic Acid, 14 Natural Extracts and Krameria Triandra Root Extract

+ Control whole-mouth harmful bacteria, especially during the night when bacteria grows fast
+ Freshen breath & morning breath
+ Fight against tooth decay
+ Remove plaque, stains and tartar
+ Reduce acid erosion & protect and strengthen enamel
+ Reduce sensitive teeth and gums
+ Prevent pediatric gingivitis and gum diseases
+ Reduce canker sores
+ Strengthen teeth and gums
+ Balance healthy oral environment

+ Formulated with organic natural extracts,certified by USDA and Ecocert
+ Laboratory tested
+ 100% natural source
+ 100% Food-grade ingredients
+ No preservatives: No SLS, No SLES, No triclosan, No parabens
+ No alcohol
+ No gluten
+ No synthetic dyes
+ No fragrances
+ No sweeteners, No sugar
+ No plastic microbeads
+ No fluoride for age 1+ years (safe to swallow)

How to use:
Brush teeth thoroughly, preferably after each meal or at least twice a day, or as directed by a dentist or physician

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