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36P Eyeliner Stickies

Masami Shouko

IDR 89,900



Eyeliner Stickies Variety Pack
  • Thick Eyeliner 12 pairs.
  • Classic Eyeliner 12 pairs.
  • Extravagant Eyeliner 12 pairs.
Create the perfect winged eyeliner with eyeliner stickies. Easy to use.

Step one:
Make sure your eyelid is dry and free from makeup. Place the Stickie close to your lash line. Start from the beginning towards the end of your eye. If you put it close to the lashes, you will make a thinner line. If you put it further up, you will get thicker and bolder line.

Step two:
Fill the empty area with eyeliner. Creamy black eye shadow will also give good results.

Step three:
Wait for it to dry and carefully remove the Stickie to reveal a perfect winged eyeliner!