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Color Switcher with Flip Case & Mirror

Masami Shouko

IDR 110,000



Looking for the ideal makeup tools? MASAMI is here to help you create the perfect look, with specially crafted beauty tools made by professionals.

What is it ?
Instant Color Switcher with Flip Case & Mirror to switch colours without switching brushes!

The new Masami's Instant color switcher now comes with flip case and a mirror. WIth this magic tool, you can clean your brushes and instantly switch to other colors without washing them.

The dry sponge is made of special material that allows you to remove all the colour pigment from brushes until clean, within seconds.

- Completed with a mirror
- Comes with a flip case
- Clean brushes instantly within seconds
- Reusable & washable sponge
- Traveling Size

How to Use:
- Swirl your brush over the sponge until clean
- Wash the sponge with soap and water, then lay flat to dry

38 gr