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7P Essential Eye Brush

Masami Shouko

IDR 290,000



Create your own signature eye makeup look with exclusive eye brush selections from Masami Shouko.

What is it?
7 Pieces of Essential Eye Brush that consists of:
• Large Lid Brush No. 205 - With Natural Bristles
• Medium Lid Brush No. 206 - With Natural Bristles
• Small Angled Shading Brush No. 203  - With Natural Bristles
• Small Dome Brush No. 216 - With Natural Bristles
• Mini Eyeshadow Brush No. 221 - With Natural Bristles
• Tapered Blending Brush No. 219 - With Natural Bristles
• Angled Brow Brush No. 317 - With Vegan Bristles

*Masami only uses pony, squirrel, sable, muskrat & goat hair on their Natural Brushes and we are Animal Cruelty Free.

The perfect exclusive selection of eye brushes to ceate your signature eye look.
All brushes are ideal for powder products, while the Angled Brow Brush is also suitable for cream products.

Don't forget to clean your brushes with Masami Shouko Detoxifying Shampoo regularly.

Vegan Hair
Natural Hair

21.4 cm x 13.2 cm x 1.5 cm