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80 Pieces Eyelid Tape

Automatic Beauty

IDR 192,000



Automatic Beauty is a Japanese Beauty Brand under Dear Laura Inc.. This brand produces eye tapes to create natural looking double eyelids. As of current, they have a range of 6 products and it comes in a variety of materials such as fiber, rubber, liquid and tape.

What is it?
An eyelid tape. Contains 80 pcs.

AB Single Eye Tape is a medical grade tape. Can be used overnight. Eyelid will crease easily in the morning if tape is applied before sleep! Recommended to you who has thick single eyelid.

How to Use:
You can watch the tutorial in this link:

  1. Cleanse eyelids to remove all oil, dirt, and makeup. Tape must be applied directly to clean skin.
  2. Create the desired crease line on your upper eyelid using the tip of the shaping stick and gently apply pressure along the line.
  3. Lift the ends of the tape from the sheet, using the shaping stick. Bend the sheet along the pre-cut line to easily lift the tape ends.
  4. Remove the tape from the sheet by the tape end, using the tip of shaping stick. Adhere tape under the desire crease line, and apply light pressure with fingertip.
  5. Gently apply pressure along the desired crease with shaping stick, and slowly open eyes being careful not to wrinkle the tape. Smooth tape along eyelid to ensure proper adhesion.