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Brush & Sponge Shampoo


IDR 158,000



Size : 80 ml

Gel cleanser to wash away dirt, makeup, and oil from your brushes. Works well with natural brushes, synthetic brushes and any kind of sponge. Clean your brushes so colours don't get mixed for flawless makeup application.

For brush
  1. Wet your makeup brush under running water in room temperature (brush facing down and dont let the water get into the handle of the brush).
  2. Pour brush shampoo on the brush and wash away the dirt gently.
  3. Rinse thoroughly by swiping the brush on your hands.
  4. press and swipe the brush on a clean towel. Leave your brush on a towel to dry or use our brush hanger for faster drying time.
For sponge
  1. Wet your makeup sponge under running water in room temperature.
  2. Pour brush shampoo on the dirty part of sponge and push and rub until all dirt come out.
  3. Rinse thoroughly and make sure there is no residue. Wash again if sponge is still dirty.
  4. Press the water out from the sponge with a clean towel. Leave your sponge on a towel to dry.
0% alcohol and mineral oil
Dermatologically tested
Dissolve dirt and oil quickly
Rinse easily
Extend the life-span of brushes
Tested on all Masami Shouko brushes

We recommend using our brush egg or cleansing mat to wash your brush.

Water, Surfactant (Surface active agent), Cleanser assistant, PH Regulation agent.