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Brush Cleaning Kit

The Brush Guard

IDR 449,900



What is it?

A complete cleaning kit for makeup brushes and puff.

- One variety brush guard pack:

Kabuki & Powder brush guard (1 piece).
Size: 2.5 cm x 10 cm.
Highlight & Blush brush guard (2 pieces).
Size: 1.7 cm x 10 cm.
Blend & Conceal brush guard (2 pieces).
Size: 1 cm x 10 cm.
Shadow & Liner brush guard (1 piece).
Size: 0.5 cm x 7.5 cm.

- 120 ml “Squeaky Clean” brush shampoo.
- A blotting cloth.
- A washing cup.
- A drying vase.

How to use:
- Wash and rinse brushes using Squeaky Clean brush shampoo in washing cup.
- Squeeze with blotting cloth to get rid of excess water.
- Use brush guard and place it upside down in the drying vase and let it dry.

Daily use the brush guard to protect from dust and restore your brush shape to look like new.