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Classic Brush Set 18p

Masami Shouko

IDR 979,900



What is it?
A slim brush set with pouch. Consist of 5 face brushes, 12 eye brushes and 1 lip brush.

Powder/Blush Brush - Natural Bristles
Flat Foundation Blender - Vegan Bristles
Contour Brush - Natural Bristles
Foundation Brush - Vegan Bristles
Concealer Brush - Vegan Bristles
Eyeshader Brush - Natural Bristles
Angled Blending Brush - Natural Bristles
Dome Brush - Natural Bristles
Pencil brush - Natural Bristles
Angled Shading Brush - Natural Bristles
Small Shader Brush - Natural Bristles
Lid Brush - Vegan Bristles
Detail Liner Brush - Vegan Bristles
Angled Liner brush - Vegan Bristles
Eyebrow Brush - Vegan Bristles
Sponge Brush
Eyebrow comb - Vegan Bristles
Lip Brush - Vegan Bristles