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Power Eyetape Single Type (210 Pieces) Decorative Eyes


IDR 199,500



Shop SHOBI, one of the most widely known companies since 1948 that brings Kawaii aesthetic to the world through their high quality cosmetic, makeup tools and beauty assecories.

What is it?
Power Eyetape Single Type (210 Pieces) Decorative Eyes, a transparent tape to help create a double eyelid  look especially on monolids and those who want to have a lifted eyes without surgery.


Transparent eyetape to help create a double eyelid in simple and easy ways without surgery.

●  Single Type – means this eyetape sticks on one side.
● Made of Medical Grade Material, safe for any skin type.
● Completed with a Dual Function Applicator that works as a tweezer and Y Fork to help create the double eyelid.

210 pcs

How to Use:
● Make sure your eyelid is clean and makeup free. Use the tweezer to peel off the tape.
● Determine the line to create your desired double eyelid, then place the tape on the line until its attached completely
● Use Y Fork to help pressing your eyelid and create the desired depth.
● Open your eyes slowly
● Done!

● Remove and call doctor immediately (if necessary) if the signs of abnormalities emerge on your skin
● Please be careful upon application
● Wet your eyelid with warm water before removing, and pull out carefully
● Avoid continously and long-term usage

16 cm x 3.5 cm x 9 cm

40 gr