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Professional Makeup Bag with Mirror


IDR 1,599,000



Modern, timeless, and durable, MASAMI Makeup Case and Makeup Bag is the best choice for every Makeup Artists and Beauty Enthusiasts.

What is it ?
Professional Makeup Bag with Mirror that's ideal for traveling.

When you want to travel and need to bring all your makeup needs but you don't feel like bringing a Makeup Case because it's too heavy, then this is the perfect traveling companion for you.
This bag is designed specially to meet your needs while travelling with makeup. Not only it comes with a removable compartment with adjustable partitions, it also comes with a mirror (plus it's pouch that can be used to cover your tablet) and a heat protector pouch for your hair straightener.
With extra removable straps, this bag is able to be used either as a shoulder bag or backpack.

• Removable mirror
• Removable partition
• Removable straps can be used as backpack and shoulder bag
• 1 heat-protector pouch for hair straightener
• 2 layers bag
• 18 pieces compartment for brushes with transparent cover.
   Each compartment can fit up to 3 brushes
• 1  big pocket
• 1 nets pocket inside
• Adjustable strap to hold the makeup bag open

41 cm x 12.5 cm x  29 cm

- 2.2 kg