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Refining Milk Cleansing b - AHA Cleansing Research


IDR 199,000



Be Kawaii with BCL!

BCL is one of most favorited cosmetic & skincare brands in Japan which made of natural and safe ingredients, making it the perfect choice for Kawaii girls like you!

What is it?
AHA Cleansing Research, 145 ml Refining Milk Cleansing b for sensitive skin.

This milk cleanser with oil-like cleansing power, contains AHA which is powerful to remove makeup and dead skin cells without leaving an oily residue behind.

● Fresh fragrance
● Leaving no oily residue
● Remove stubborn makeup
● Remove dead skin cells
● Rich milk formula, leaving skin moisturized
● No artificial color

How to use:
● Wet your face (also available to use on dry face)
● Pump the cleanser for approximately 3 times onto the palms of your hands ot cottonpad
● Apply it all over your face
● Gently massage in circular motion until your face is clean
● Rinse well with warmm water

● Do not use on injured skin, swollen or eczema
● Do not use if not suitable for your skin type
● Rinse immediately if get in your eyes
● Remove contact lenses before using
● Do not store in places with extremely high or low temperatures and direct sunlight

145 ml