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Rose Gold Satin M Case with Flat LED & Stereo

Masami Shouko

IDR 10,499,000 IDR 4,199,600



Modern, timeless, and durable, Masami Shouko Makeup Case series is the best choice for every MUA and Beauty Lovers.

What is it ?
Masami Shouko Rose Gold Satin Medium Case with Flat LED & Stereo

40cm x 28cm x 20cm

9 kg

• 3 tone Dimmable Mini LED Lights (cool white, warm white and yellow)
• MP3 with Bluetooth & Stereo Sound System
• Full Mirror
• Built-in Troley
• Easy Maneuvering 360 Degree Wheels
• Removable & ExtendableTray
• Cabin Size
• Power Plug
• Lock and Key System
• Fireproof

**For long lifespan, please use only Masami Shouko LED Bulbs.