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Signature Makeup Bag

Masami Shouko

IDR 1,799,000



Carry all your makeup products anywhere, with this cabin size Signature Makeup Bag from Masami Shouko.

What is it?
Waterproof & portable makeup storage with 5 compartments to keep your beauty tools, and a mirror inside.

Keeping all your makeup and beauty tools safe & organized while travelling.

Black Canvas

  • One main compartment of Makeup Storage, with adjustable partitions to your liking and can also be removed completely from the bag
  • One compartment of Brush Bags that can store 12 to 24 makeup brushes
  • Three more compartments with zippers to keep your essential items
  • 24.5cm x 15.2cm Mirror
  • This bag also features a 360 degrees strap so you can either put it on your shoulder, making it as a back pack, or simply hand carry it anywhere.
Not to forget, this bag is also attachable to your suitcase.