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Silver Infused Brush Set

Masami Shouko Professional

IDR 649,900



What is it?
A silver-infused antibacterial makeup brush with pouch.

The brushes - Each bristles are infused with silver antimicrobial technology, keeping brush fresher longer. Silver technology acts as a hypoallergenic compound that destroys harmful bacteria, making it safe for even the most sensitive skin. The super soft synthetic bristles distributes the right amount of makeup for a perfect result.

The pouch - Inner pouch is covered with an antibacterial material to ensure brush are kept in hygienic condition. Comes with a deluxe faux leather pouch and partitions to keep brushes organized.

Powder brush
Angled blush brush
Contour/highlight brush
Concealer brush
Eye shader brush
Precise eye shader brush
Brow/liner brush