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Sonic Beauty Brush - Pink

Masami Shouko

IDR 555,900



What is it?

Sonic Beauty Brush – your daily exfoliator to deep cleanse and shrink pores.

  • Mild but deep cleansing

Micro bristles reach and clean all areas of facial skin, including areas that can’t be reached by your fingers.
The ends of micro-bristles are soft and elastic to provide a low irritation deep cleansing of skin and pores.

  • Water resistant 

Safe to use in the shower.

  • Clean and shrink pores

Continuous deep pore cleansing results in smaller pores over time.

  • Gentle exfoliator

Vibration and rotation removes dead skin cells, generating clear and glowing skin. Vibration also helps to maintain skin elasticity.

  • Holder

Waterproof holder to keep brush clean and dry them quicker until your next use.