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Whip Clear Cleansing b with AHA for Dry & Sensitive Skin



Be Kawaii with BCL!

BCL is one of most favorited cosmetic & skincare brands in Japan which made of natural and safe ingredients, making it the perfect choice for Kawaii girls like you!

What is it?
Whip Clear Cleansing with AHA for dry to sensitive skin type

This creamy cleansing wash removes dead skin cells and clears up pores from makeup residue.

This product contains natural ingredients that are safe for dry & sensitive skin, which are:
— AHA from apple fruit: gently exfoliates the dead skin cells and makeup residue
— Vegetable ceramides: regenerates the ceramide cells to protect the skin and works to moisturize the skin which reduce the skin ageing
— Rice bran glycosphingolipid: rice extract to reduce the produce of excess melanin, also to strengthen the skin barrier
— Portulaca oleracea extract: works as anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties to reduce redness

— Apple fragrance
— Suitable for dry to sensitive skin
— Contains AHA to gently exfoliate the skin
— Works as cleanser, skin protection, and anti-ageing

How to Use:
As a face wash:
Wash your face with water, then put 2-3 pump of the product onto the palm of your hand, apply it all over your face and gently massage the skin for a few moments. Wash it with water until the skin is clean from any grease.

As a makeup remover:
Pump the product onto the palm of your hand, after that, apply the product all over your face evenly. Gently massage the skin the makeup is picked up, then wipe it all off with cotton pad. Wash your face with water.

150 ml

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