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Dreamland Brush Set (7 Pieces)

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Masami makeup brushes are handcrafted with expertise and precision, using only high quality materials to deliver flawless result. We create innovative beauty tools for professional and daily use.

What is it?
Dreamland Brush Set (7 Pieces)

Dreamland Brush Set

Get transported into our Dreamland that's filled with glitters, fairies and unicorns! Feel the softness of our dreamy brushes on your skin and the smoothness of our glossy brush handles. This set consists of seven dreamy hologram brushes and a spacious hologram pouch. Create glowy & dreamy look with us!

Bristles: Soft & Dreamy Vegan Hair.
Handle: Smooth & Glossy Hologram Innovation.


  1. Powder Brush: A medium fluffy brush to apply powder.
  2. Tapered Blush Brush: A fluffy and soft brush to apply blush shades expertly on the cheeks or contour shades below the cheekbones.
  3. Fan Brush: A soft and airy brush to highlight cheekbones, nose, chin & cupid's bow.
  4. Mascara & Brow Brush: A multifunction brush for brow & lashes. On brow-comb brows and brush out harsh lines. On lash-brush out clumps after applying mascara.
  5. Medium Lid Brush: A soft and dense brush in medium size to apply intense color on the eyelid and highlight on the brow bone.
  6. Tapered Blending Brush: A soft and tapered brush to blend out color on the crease to diffuse any lines.
  7. Detailed Eyeliner Brush: A firm and pointed brush to apply gel eyeliner or apply color at inner corner of the eyes and lower lash line.

Vegan Hair

18 cm x 23 cm x 10 cm

Weight :
1 kg

Free dreamy waterproof stickers for limited stocks only!

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