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Tsururi Peel-Off Pack



Be Kawaii with BCL!

BCL is one of most favorited cosmetic & skincare brands in Japan which made of natural and safe ingredients, making it the perfect choice for Kawaii girls like you!

What is it?
Tsururi Peel-Off Pack with morrocan ghassoul and charcoal to clears up pores which specially works on the T-zone area

Effectively pulls out and remove makeup residue, pollution, dirts and sebum (that may cause blackhead & whitehead) which usually trapped on your T-Zone area

BCL Peel-Off Pack contains:
— moroccan ghassoul, activated charcoal, and bentonite clay, works by clear up the skin and pores from grease, dirt, and makeup residue
— moroccan argan oil, jojoba oil, and honey act as a hydrating ingredient leave the skin soft
— witch hazel extract & peppermint leaf extract work as an antiinflammatory to calm irritated skin

How to use:
1. Use it for clean and dry skin after cleansing.
2. Take the appropriate amount in the dry hand and apply it so that the skin will be evenly hidden in the area where the pore dirt such as the nose, chin, eyebrows, etc is concerned.
3. After about 10 minutes, when completely dry, peel off slowly from the edge. Peel off from bottom to top, so then the plug will be easy to remove.
4. After use, prepare your skin with lotion or milky lotion.

**Use regularly (2-3 times a week) for optimum result.

55 g

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